The Added Increases of Delayed Debt Resolution

Posted by Admin / February 7th, 2014

When your tax debts are not resolved quickly, the IRS adds significant penalties and interest on top of your original debt, making a bad situation worse. The trained and experienced professionals at Tax Defense Network are adept at getting your debt under control, decreasing your penalties and preventing new ones.

Controlling the Timing of Debt Payments

Posted by Admin / January 31st, 2014

When you have tax debt, the IRS can garnish your wages, taking the control of your finances away from you. Tax Defense Network can help work out a payment agreement with the government and end the mandated collection, allowing you to regain control of your finances.

Too Good to Be True?

Posted by Admin / January 24th, 2014

What should you do when a tax debt resolution company offers you a solution that seems too perfect, one that promises to magically erase your debt quickly and easily? Trust your instincts and do your research. Check into any tax debt resolution company’s client satisfaction rating, Better Business Bureau grade, length of time in business, employee qualifications and debt resolution success rate. Thousands of clients select Tax Defense Network for its transparency, high ratings and top customer service.

Tax Defense Networks Gets an A+

Posted by Admin / January 17th, 2014

Tax Defense Network’s team of tax professionals works tirelessly to provide the best customer service and help their clients resolve their tax debt problems. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) recognizes this: After analyzing the company, the BBB awarded it an A+ rating. The company’s thousands of satisfied clients agree, which is why the company has maintained a 96 percent client satisfaction rating. 

How Tax Defense Network Earns Client Trust

Posted by Admin / January 10th, 2014

Amidst the multitude of financial and legal specialists working in the field of debt relief, few companies inspire the feeling of trust that Tax Defense Network creates in their clients.

It takes solid dedication to its corporate philosophy to maintain complete transparency, unrivaled communication and commitment to client satisfaction. Regardless of the cause of your tax debt, Tax Defense Network has specialists as devoted as you are to finding the solution you need.

The company offers the helping hand many individuals and small businesses need. Owners Joe and Frank Valinho insist on adherence to the company philosophy of FIRE (keeping clients Fully Informed and providing Realistic Expectations) and ICE (providing an Ideal Client Experience).

You can count on fair and honest promises and frequent and thorough communication about your case. You can also feel confident in Tax Defense Network’s team of experienced professionals who have built an established track record of mediating fair and affordable arrangements with the IRS.

What’s more, the company’s experts can help resolve previous liens on your personal property and garnishments against your paycheck. The company’s mediators can help negotiate a payment plan with the IRS that you can afford to maintain.

Tax Defense Network even offers all of its clients its Sutton Park 2020 plan, a free program designed to provide you future support and assistance in wiping out your debts and staying debt free.